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April 29, 2017

Well rules are there to be broken. I can only write about things that I really care about, and right now, the rising tide of populism bothers me a lot. And the only way I know how to express my frustration about what is going on in the world is to write about it. A strange orange man with a yellow quiff (and in our illustration with red eyes too). Donald Trump. The leader of the free world.

But the song is about more than just Trump. This wave of populism and anti-establishment rhetoric (peculiarly advocated by establishment figures) has grown across the world. A cry for help by those who feel 'left behind'. People so easily latch on to soundbites. Powerful words that promise change. Too often, the slogans and statements espoused by populist figures are really put out there for one purpose alone - to gain support and entrench themselves in power.   

Anyhow, it’s just a song. So, no matter what your political persuasion, I hope you like it. It’s the first song we’ve published and there are more on the way (if I can get them past the gatekeepers in the


band that is). They won’t all be political ramblings, promise. If you haven’t listened please do give it a try on You Tube at

Neville Rose 20.3.17

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September 4, 2018

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